Free Exercise classes for those with Depression and Anxiety in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

Hi Everyone, 

This week I just wanted to let everyone know about a great initiative for those that are struggling with depression and anxiety and are looking at other types of intervention aside from a psychologist or medication. If you live in Bondi or anywhere in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, this could be for you! Visit: and you could be able to broaden your social circle as well as reduce your symptoms. The spiel below is directly from their website:

It can be difficult to begin a regular exercise routine – and even harder when you're struggling with depression. 

Mood Active, a not-for-profit association, is offering an exercise therapy program designed to help people suffering from depression. Our eight-week pilot begins in July 2013 but the program will run long-term and participants are welcome to join at any time. Each exercise session will run for 50-60mins and participants are asked to commit to attending at least three per week. Sessions are designed to elevate mood in the short-term, and to encourage the adoption of exercise as part of a long-term mental health regime.

Participants can choose one or a combination of group outdoor exercise classes and Cardio Tennis. Cardio Tennis involves racquets and balls but it's an exercise session rather than a tennis class. Classes are done to music, require no previous tennis experience and participants wear heart-rate monitors so they can see their exertion levels and calories burned. Sessions are tailored to the fitness level of participants, including people with a sedentary lifestyle. To get an idea of what a class looks like, check out our video.

Outdoor circuit classes include jogging (parks, coastal headlands, with stairs & hills), obstacle courses, stretch mats, exercise bands, risers and steps. Sessions are tailored to the fitness level of each individual, including people with a sedentary lifestyle. Indoor circuit classes at Eastcourts Tennis (Kingsford) will be available when weather dictates.

Psychologists with experience treating depression will also attend some Mood Active sessions in order to help clients address negative thinking around exercise.

People with unipolar, post-natal or bipolar depressions and/or anxiety disorders are encouraged to attend. The program is offered in conjunction with each participant's usual treatment.

Referrals are welcome from GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists, community mental health centres etc. A donation of $20 per week is requested ($10 per week for students & low-income earners) and includes up to five exercise sessions.

Please note: Mood Active is an exercise program designed to help people combat the symptoms of depression; it is not appropriate for anyone suffering an acute mental illness and/or at risk of self-harm.