Work Development Orders and SDRO Fines.

This latest blog is a quick community service announcement. You may or may not know that I Bulk-Bill clients who are receiving Centrelink benefits. It is an important part of my own values to offer services to those that are going through hard times regardless of their financial capacity. When heavily burdened financially and socially people can make mistakes that they never would under normal circumstances. This understanding is written into a variety of government policy. Which brings me to the concept of the Work Development Order

What you may or may not know is that the SDRO (State Debt Recovery Office) who recover all manner of fines have a program of leniency for those with a mental illness or other vulnerability. The program allows those eligible to pay off their fines through engagement with a Community Services provider or other officially registered sponsor. I have recently signed up to this program which would provide you with what is known as a Work Development Order. 

For more information have a read of the PDF document below and you may be eligible to relieve a large financial burden.